*happy sunday*

I am still hidden and disappeared in my atelier....
 I do work actually mainly on many clients orders for several weddings, new cushions, a jewelry project, fabric design and at least...after I started research last year I do work on a book. I have no idea if it works but it will be something special also contains mainly something from the sahara desert, well...I am not under pressure but I wish to finish the writing end of the year or next year...well...we will see :-)

*happy sunday* :-)

image: petra hassan (erg admer, sahara/Algeria)

P.S.: may listen via France Inter here the Tinariwen podcast from 9h this morning, even if you do not understand french language, it is really worth listening! ah, apropos book!! My friend Maryam is on her book tour for her first book *Marrakesh by design* buy it here via Amazon :-) *enjoy*


*Tinariwen rocked the church!*

exactly they rocked the Kulturkirche in Cologne/Germany, the community of the church do not only celebrate the church service, they also do organizing cultural events for artists, musicians, etc.
voilà, last saturday, Tinariwen the played a concert there and so the sound of the sahara desert came into the church...come and see the concert trough my camera lens...
Abdallah and the guitar
Intidao & Abdallah
Mina & Bastien...what a nice surprise to see him playing the flute! :-)
the audience listened fascinated...
and danced! later, after the concert finished a friend told me "everybody is so nice and friendly here with us, I think because it is the house of God" :-)

yes, the day, concert and evening was truly special, what a bliss!

one more time *merci* and *tanemert hullan* to my friends, jusqu'à la prochaine fois...

images: petra hassan

P.S.: find all upcoming concert dates on the Tinariwen website here, also my friends of  Tamikrest coming soon back on tour to Germany & Europe, find the upcoming tour dates here!


*in memoriam*

of my beloved grandfater...

image: petra hassan (taken from my grandfather´s photo collection)


*happy weekend*

to all of you!
after some non-stop working weeks in the atelier, I will take a one day break and going to see Tinariwen tomorrow evening; may come, see and listen the concert, too!!

image: petra hassan (sahara erg admer/Algeria)

P.S.: may please read here via LeMonde.fr the article (in french language) about courageous Nina Wallet Intalou!


*cusina amadan*

another day in the desert and another variety of the sahara kitchen.... :)
today: the *cusina amadan* the word amadan means herder in tamasheq, the Tuareg language...in this case I spent a day with 4 camel herders and more than 150 camels plus lovely camel babies...
so, after camel riding in the morning and spending some lazy time in the heat of the mid day finally the friends organized lunch...pieces of  *acacia wood* had been collected and prepared for fire...the camels showed up from time to time and took a curious sneak peek...
the cooking pots filled with onions, carrots, garlic, pieces of  liver and meat....a hint of salt and cumin... and *macarona* ..
voilà! here it is....the lunch...well...I do not eat much bowels, except sometimes a hint of liver...but there I started eating everything without thinking what I ate...
  ...the stomach of the girl made the decision years ago turning in some kind of *north african sahara desert* style stomach... :-) I nearly eat everything, friends suggested me one day I should try roasted grashoppers...well...if I get the chance the next time and they serve me some I will try, taking photos and tell you for sure!
 finally....for the sweet tooth 3 glasses of foamy, bittersweet green tea ...ah, just in case you are interested in that, we did not had camel for lunch...no, no...we had something more wild...

images: petra hassan

P.S.: may read here via temoust.org the excellent inside analysis (in french language) written by Hélène Claudot-Hawad about the Sahara-Sahel issue.


*pâtisserie du désert*

after the rain in the sahara desert is coming the sun and then.......sometimes the ground is becoming a structure like....
well....the first words came into my mind....*pâtisserie du désert*... looking like finely scraped chocolate on delicious cake... :-) no, I did not dreaming about cakes somewhere in the middle of  the nowhere, seriously!! I listened fascinated the *crunchy* sound walking on it and watched the delicate structures; well....and finally.... got something else in my mind, took a few photos and ordered recently something special for a new idea. I do not know if it works but in case it works probably you will like it...stay tuned!

image: petra hassan

P.S. the sahara desert rockers Tinariwen playing a concert this saturday in Cologne, Germany...come, see and listen! may watch here the arte journal via arte.tv (in french but also available in german language) to understand more about the situation in Mali; may listen here a talk via the Bayern 2 Radio (in german language) with Désiree von Trotha, the filmmaker of *Woodstock in Timbuktu* about the Tuareg life, Agadez, the culture and her nomadic life between Germany and the sahara desert.