*the women of the taragalte*

they came from everywhere...from the desert villages of the local oasis, from Mali and Mauritania, Morocco, Europe and from Australia...the  festival was dedicated to the women of the Sahara!
the lovely local women pepared the most delicious couscous...
wore the prettiest, traditional dresses in beautiful colours...
and delicate, funky neon embroidered scarfs...
played all together traditional music with henna decorated hands....
danced...oh, so elegant!
in a traditional black tent at the edge of the moroccan Sahara...what a bliss!
at the end of the day the camels left into the lavender touched sunset...passed by a water bottle wrapped in a funky crochet cover made by the women of the taragalte :)

images: petra hassan

P.S.: read here what Tartit singer Fadimata Walett Oumar says about music and their situation, click here to learn more about the *carpet of life* idea & poject.

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