*la poesie par les plantes*

some time ago, one day....a medina walk in Essaouira and I went around the corner....
expected nothing special at all....but then....
me, speechless!..then I took a breath....a deep breath..and again.... felt that for a very small moment, just for one heartbeat the world stopped around me!
countless handmade baskets packed with plants, herbs and spices you can´t imagine...crowded herbal? herbal crowd? or... herbal mess? nice spice(y) mess? :-)
pretty moroccan vintage tiles under my feet, the floor covered with argan nut shells, jars over jars filled with spices, colourful pigments, vintage style morrocan perfumes...the smell of amber and musk... just in this moment *camel caravanes coming down the atlas mountains in my mind* ....daydreamig....
dried herbs for and against everything, moroccan secrets and magic...unforgetable the strong smell of fresh pressed argan oil, fresh bayleafs on the walls..
as usual the colours caught my attention, especially the yellow *Citrullus colocynthis*...I found it many times in the desert.....they appear from time to time like a fata morgana in unexpected places where is zero, nothing around for miles.... 
the sound of the argan nut shells still in my ears, the aromatic smell still in my nose....the colours of the place in my mind... *la poesie par les plantes* ....a fairy herbal & spicy moroccan *magic* tale who became reality!

la poesie par les plantes
Rue des Zair
Essaouira/medina Morocco

images: petra hassan


  1. Schön, wieder von Dir zu lesen und wunderbare Bilder zum wegträumen zu sehen... Dankeschön!

  2. Ohh!!! es precioso..en Essaouira!!!