and a few details of where I do spend lots of time working & living outdoor *chez moi*...in case there is sunshine and a hint of warm weather in germany.... ;-)
in between all the blue(s) and turquoise(s) I do love so much there is a *small* space for rich saffron yellow always in my mind...and home....
moroccan vintage cushions with heavy embroidery and for my bedouin soul....a fringed Tuareg vintage cushion made from vegetable tanned leather with traditional decor....
and my latest inspiration & work result...a new, limited edition of *pretty* cushions....
denim turquoise blue digital print of *moroccan tiles* ....
available now in two sizes here plus until 6th of august 12% discount special on DaWanda in selected categories every day, also in my online shop :-)

images: petra hassan

P.S.: watch here the CNN interview in english with two Tuareg friends who are refugees in Burkina Faso since february....we are still collecting medicaments -every small package is very welcome- if you want to support us please read here more about the details! *merci*

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  1. Liebe Petra,
    möchte dir mal wieder liebe Grüße hierlassen..das Internet ist so weit, da kann man sich doch schnell drin verlieren;). Deine Sachen sind wie immer so wunderschön:).
    sei herzlich gegrüßt