from morocco with *love*....
because....there are more than 1001 colourful photos to find on my computer; the weather is still cold in Germany and I dream myself away with my favourite colours...the blue(s), green(s) and turquoise shades with a hint of *saffron* yellow :-) I am still hidden and disappeared in my atelier, sewing in the day, embroidery work in the night...a big *thank you* to all my lovely clients!!

images: petra hassan & hassan krifa

P.S. need more moroccan colours & design? find here Maryam´s book *Marrakesh by Design* for a colourful moroccan journey...!


  1. Wundervolle Foto-Collage!
    Könnte ich mir glatt als Wandtapete vorstellen.

    Sei lieb gegrüßt, Anette

  2. Ohh preciosas imágenes!