*Tinariwen rocked the church!*

exactly they rocked the Kulturkirche in Cologne/Germany, the community of the church do not only celebrate the church service, they also do organizing cultural events for artists, musicians, etc.
voilà, last saturday, Tinariwen the played a concert there and so the sound of the sahara desert came into the church...come and see the concert trough my camera lens...
Abdallah and the guitar
Intidao & Abdallah
Mina & Bastien...what a nice surprise to see him playing the flute! :-)
the audience listened fascinated...
and danced! later, after the concert finished a friend told me "everybody is so nice and friendly here with us, I think because it is the house of God" :-)

yes, the day, concert and evening was truly special, what a bliss!

one more time *merci* and *tanemert hullan* to my friends, jusqu'à la prochaine fois...

images: petra hassan

P.S.: find all upcoming concert dates on the Tinariwen website here, also my friends of  Tamikrest coming soon back on tour to Germany & Europe, find the upcoming tour dates here!

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  1. Beautiful pictures! i wish I could have been there! Greetings, Isabella