*pâtisserie du désert*

after the rain in the sahara desert is coming the sun and then.......sometimes the ground is becoming a structure like....
well....the first words came into my mind....*pâtisserie du désert*... looking like finely scraped chocolate on delicious cake... :-) no, I did not dreaming about cakes somewhere in the middle of  the nowhere, seriously!! I listened fascinated the *crunchy* sound walking on it and watched the delicate structures; well....and finally.... got something else in my mind, took a few photos and ordered recently something special for a new idea. I do not know if it works but in case it works probably you will like it...stay tuned!

image: petra hassan

P.S. the sahara desert rockers Tinariwen playing a concert this saturday in Cologne, Germany...come, see and listen! may watch here the arte journal via arte.tv (in french but also available in german language) to understand more about the situation in Mali; may listen here a talk via the Bayern 2 Radio (in german language) with Désiree von Trotha, the filmmaker of *Woodstock in Timbuktu* about the Tuareg life, Agadez, the culture and her nomadic life between Germany and the sahara desert.

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