*happy sunday*

I am still hidden and disappeared in my atelier....
 I do work actually mainly on many clients orders for several weddings, new cushions, a jewelry project, fabric design and at least...after I started research last year I do work on a book. I have no idea if it works but it will be something special also contains mainly something from the sahara desert, well...I am not under pressure but I wish to finish the writing end of the year or next year...well...we will see :-)

*happy sunday* :-)

image: petra hassan (erg admer, sahara/Algeria)

P.S.: may listen via France Inter here the Tinariwen podcast from 9h this morning, even if you do not understand french language, it is really worth listening! ah, apropos book!! My friend Maryam is on her book tour for her first book *Marrakesh by design* buy it here via Amazon :-) *enjoy*

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