*cusina amadan*

another day in the desert and another variety of the sahara kitchen.... :)
today: the *cusina amadan* the word amadan means herder in tamasheq, the Tuareg language...in this case I spent a day with 4 camel herders and more than 150 camels plus lovely camel babies...
so, after camel riding in the morning and spending some lazy time in the heat of the mid day finally the friends organized lunch...pieces of  *acacia wood* had been collected and prepared for fire...the camels showed up from time to time and took a curious sneak peek...
the cooking pots filled with onions, carrots, garlic, pieces of  liver and meat....a hint of salt and cumin... and *macarona* ..
voilà! here it is....the lunch...well...I do not eat much bowels, except sometimes a hint of liver...but there I started eating everything without thinking what I ate...
  ...the stomach of the girl made the decision years ago turning in some kind of *north african sahara desert* style stomach... :-) I nearly eat everything, friends suggested me one day I should try roasted grashoppers...well...if I get the chance the next time and they serve me some I will try, taking photos and tell you for sure!
 finally....for the sweet tooth 3 glasses of foamy, bittersweet green tea ...ah, just in case you are interested in that, we did not had camel for lunch...no, no...we had something more wild...

images: petra hassan

P.S.: may read here via temoust.org the excellent inside analysis (in french language) written by Hélène Claudot-Hawad about the Sahara-Sahel issue.

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  1. Once again excellent photos and insights into a magical world we couldn´t even imagine without your posts. Thank you so much !!