*Tinariwen & welcome to the desert!*

the *magic* day started with blue, blue bavarian sky and bright sunshine....what a perfect saturday morning!

later a few clouds appeared and the light changed into dusky pastell...some kind of lazy saturday afternoon mood...teatime! desert teatime with my dear friend, on a gravel river bank in Munich....in the heart of the city....oh, she´s great in preparing bittersweet and strong green tea!

then...the night covered the sparkling city like a velvet curtain....the stage had been touched in warm, red light....and then....
Iyadou & Abdallah
and Said carried all of us far away with the words *welcome to the desert!* and finest music....what a great concert!

*thank you*merci*tanemert hullan* to all of Tinariwen!

ah...then, the never expected happened after the concert....whilest preparing more bittersweet, green tea a crocodile beaver passed by in the river...in the heart of Munich *medina* :-)

images: petra hassan

P.S.: the next Tinariwen concert in Germany will be on 21th of April in Cologne! come, see and listen!

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