*cusina (t)ishumar*

a Tuareg friend who visited me recently and me went with a big hole in the stomach one day very late in my kitchen, thinking about what to prepare for late night dinner...then he said first *macarona ishumar* means very fast prepared pasta desert style....then I wrote on my chalkboard in my kitchen the words *cusina ishumar* and a little camel drawing....
the word *ishumar* (male version) the female version of the word is *tishumar* in tamasheq, the Tuareg language means people in the sahara who moving permanently from one place or town to the next one. Today they are here, the next day you will find them in another place and the day after they are  probably gone; they live alone, not married or if married then may not official and they do not have any work or sometimes work only for a few days.
 I noticed some time ago that my cooking style completely changed since I am travelling much to north africa and the desert; during my first visit in algeria I admired the very fast way of preparing lunch or dinner of my friends, well....they also eating in a speed like they are on the run or non-stop walking with a salt caravane....I did not finished eating the salad, they finished eating the entire dinner....*ahem*...
so, I became a copycat in the kitchen *ahem*....I copied the speedy style preparing macarona pasta and *tagella* or salad like my friends prepare it in the desert....so, and today I prepared *macarona ishumar* and ate that much that I nearly felt off the chair!

images: petra hassan

P.S.: finally we prepared that night very quick and spicy *moroccan tajine* and got lost in much more kitchen chatting about and around the word *ishumar*....if you only have one cigarette left, you share it with your friend, then it is a *cigarette ishumar* ;-) ...and my kitchen is not anymore a normal, german kitchen, it became the *cusina (t)ishumar*....! ah, also the home of the girl changed to nomade style...but this is a story for another day....

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  1. Many happy days in your "new" kitchen! it is so exciting to read about your adventures. I'm just back from Algeria (capital) and feel sad for the fate of your friends. May they be free soon, inchallah.