*a day with Tamikrest*

on a rainy, greyish december day in Berlin, I am waiting in front of the Philharmonie for Tamikrest, the Touareg band from Mali. In my hands a small moroccan basket filled with a gas cooker, a blue enamel teapot, green tea, sugar and small teaglasses; it´s the last day of the fall/winter europe tour for my friends and I am happy to join the day and the evening concert with them.
The first question after welcoming "do you have everything for tea with you"?...."yes"! :-) their gas cooker got lost somewhere in the nowhere in europe within the past few days on the tour; bittersweet & foamy green tea is essential in the life of sahara nomads, even here in germany :-)
the concert in the Philharmonie will be different than past concerts of Tamikrest. The evening will be hosted and presented by Roger Willemsen and his worldmusic series, also accompanied by the mongolian nomad band Huun Huur Tu.
we entered the backstage area, first of all it is time for *desert tea*, Wounu the singer is preparing delicious green tea and all of us talking salad language mixed from arabic, french and tamasheq, the Tuareg language... waiting for the soundcheck.
in between soundcheck and the concert we take the time all together for a short funny shopping trip nearby. Sparkling pre-christmas decoration everywhere, a cameraman is following us, two umbrellas; rainy and windy weather in Berlin. After we returning my friends start preparing the concert, bright & colourful traditional dresses and turbans showing up, they really looking gorgeous, the sons and the daughter of the sahara desert!
the concert hall is filled, time for the concert! *yay* whilest searching for my seat I meet finally Karsten, the feed magazin editior the first time offline and not online :-)
ready for the concert?! Mysterious, fascinating sound on the ears! Guitar music in the air like precious, shimmering pearls on a string and the magical rythm of the desert; Roger Willemsen is talking about the life in the desert and Christian Brückner  -he´s also the synchron voice speaker of Robert de Niro- beautiful Tuareg poetry.
after a short break we continue travelling to Mongolia, flying on a colourful, magic carpet  with Huun Huur Tu. The truly fascinating sound carry all of us far away from Berlin to the wide, mongolian grasslands, music like a thunderstorm and a "cozy wrapped in a yurt made from felted wool" feeling, racing horses and falcons in the sky.
finally Tamikrest and Huun Huur Tu playing the last song of the evening all together, I know that they meet the day before first time but they playing music like they gave concerts all together before many times, it is truly fantastic! What a great final evening of their european concert tour for my friends, standing ovations and a big, lucky smile showing up in all faces! :-)
the next day... late morning at the airport; my friends taking the next plane via Paris back to the Sahara, we are saying good bye, see you soon and *ar assaghat* in tuareg language. A big *thank you*tanemert hullan* Tamikrest for a wonderful day and closing concert. As soon as I came back home, we are meeting again in the online world, it doesn´t matter that the connection is like a sandstorm between the sahara and my computer :-)

check out the website of  Tamikrest from Mali here and find the music of Huun Huur Tu from Mongolia here *enjoy*

images: petra hassan for tamikrest

P.S.: read the german version of my article for the feed magazin here

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