*thoughts about peace & freedom*

rain and thunderstorm in the night, my mind is like a hot boiling pot of couscous ....where to start writing? the past few days I received several messages from the desert, exactly from northern Mali. Friends wrote to me what actually happen there and it is not easy to understand all of this what happen right now. I am not a professional writer, not a journalist....so I am still asking myself how or if I am able to write about. I am even fighting with the french language, I translate in my mind into english for better understanding...and asking myself to continue try to understand this huge mess or not? I will continue because there are dear friends outside who fighting for human rights, peace, freedom, justice and a normal life!
I want to share today the website of  ToumastPress and the Issikta - Touaregs/Bruxelles - Sahara blog of  Ibanakal, may please read and spread the word. I believe that all of us are able to give with our possibilities support for the ones who are still not living in freedom and peace; many small steps making finally a big one, hopefully peace and freedom, as soon as possible!

*thank you*grazie*gracias*danke*merci*tanemert*shukran*

image: petra hassan (erg admer, sahara/algeria)

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  1. Du hast Recht, viele kleine Schritte werden zu einem Großem. Aber irgendwie fühle ich mich auch so hilflos, und grüble wie meine kleinen Schritte aussehen könnten, um zu helfen?!. Ich werde die Seiten die du als link angegeben hast lesen und verfolgen, auch wenn mein Französisch nicht so dolle ist.
    schicke dir ganz liebe Grüße und hoffe mit dir, dass es deinen Freunden gelingen wird bald in Frieden leben zu können!