*happy new year*

one year ago I waited for take off, for the adventure of my life to the heart of the biggest desert of the world, the magic *sahara*.....there was a dream since I was a little girl in my mind, since watching with my family TV-reports from all over the world every saturday evening after taking the saturday bath. The same time I started reading and watching about the *sahara* in the green GEO magazines and sometimes my grandfather told us stories about his travel & work adventures in the middle east....when I turned 13 a friend of my family gave me a book as a gift, I read the first time about the inside of the culture and traditions in the sahara and also the first words of tamasheq, the language of the Tuareg.
now, one year later I am looking back and see that the dream of my life became reality! My entire life started changing completely after I returned the first time from the sahara desert.
I started learning speaking tamasheq language, my dear friends shared with me the real life in the desert, teached me how to ride a camel and 4x4 dune driving, how to travel the desert, cooking lessons and everything I want to know about the culture, music, traditions and the real life in the desert. I learned how to wear the traditional wrap dress called *tasghnst* and much about the textile and artwork, they allowed me to be part of their life!
I am from the bottom of my heart thankful for everything to each one of my dearest friends from all over the world, for my great family, for all my lovely clients, for all my readers and also for my co-workers at H&M, all of you made it possible that I can live the dream of my life, a life between orient, occident and the desert...
*thank you so much* again and a very *happy new year* to all of you with love!

images: petra hassan, mohammed hassani, ahmed abdouali

P.S.: in case you want to learn more about the desert, watch german phoenix TV today, they show all day long fantastic *desert* reports from all over of the world!


  1. dear Petra, I wish you bliss and many beautiful returns to the dunes of the Sahara. Hope to follow you one day :-) Thank you for your oh so inspiring blogposts that colour up my life in now so cloudy Thuringia. Isabella

  2. Hallo liebe Petra,
    dir auch alles Liebe fürs neue Jahr:)!!!
    Und danke für deinen TV-Tipp...habe die Doku über die Frauen unterwegs in der Wüste angeschaut...das weckt schon Sehnsüchte;).
    wünsche dir, wie Isabella, dass du noch oft in "deine" Wüste zurückkehrst!