*new year wishes*les voeux pour la nouvelle année*

wishes from the bottom of my heart...les petits souhaits du fond de mon coeur...
peace in the sahara desert, for my friends, their families, all the ones who fled their homes since last year..la paix dans le désert du sahara, pour mes amis, de leurs familles, tous ceux qui ont fui leur domicile depuis l'année dernière ..
access to fresh and clean water all the time, water is life! l'accès à l'eau fraîche et propre tout le temps, l'eau c'est la vie! *aman iman*
a life in freedom and dignity for all the sahara dwellers...une vie dans la liberté et la dignité pour tous les habitants du sahara!

*happy new year*bonne année*

images: petra hassan

*the women of the taragalte*

they came from everywhere...from the desert villages of the local oasis, from Mali and Mauritania, Morocco, Europe and from Australia...the  festival was dedicated to the women of the Sahara!
the lovely local women pepared the most delicious couscous...
wore the prettiest, traditional dresses in beautiful colours...
and delicate, funky neon embroidered scarfs...
played all together traditional music with henna decorated hands....
danced...oh, so elegant!
in a traditional black tent at the edge of the moroccan Sahara...what a bliss!
at the end of the day the camels left into the lavender touched sunset...passed by a water bottle wrapped in a funky crochet cover made by the women of the taragalte :)

images: petra hassan

P.S.: read here what Tartit singer Fadimata Walett Oumar says about music and their situation, click here to learn more about the *carpet of life* idea & poject.


*merry christmas*

I wish you all a very
*merry christmas*
 and *happy holidays* with love! :)

images: petra hassan


*taragalte blue(s)*

there is a blue hour....every day...
and sometimes there are more blue colours to find in that special hour of the day....
a blue man and a white camel passed by....
blue men in the blue hour...a hint of desert wind....
and sand in the air at the edge of the moroccan desert in the last blue hour of the taragalte festival.

learn more about the taragalte concept here, listen here that fantastic song of Oum dedicated to the festival and watch here and here a glimpse of the concerts...and...a hint of sandstorm sound included ;)


images: petra hassan


*knitting the camel...*

and the desert!
and the knitting is going on....
click here to see the new colours! :)

images: mohammed hassani for ranipink


*wednesday wish*

I wish....I wish...
to drive the atlas mountains...
direction the beloved Sahara....
and take a walk in the dunes :)

P.S.: may listen Tinariwen this friday live from Salle Pleyel/Paris at ARTE live web! In the mood for more music from the Sahara? May visit next week the Taragalte festival in Morocco!

images: petra hassan


*sahara snapshots from the road II*

and the colours on the road to Agadez....
fresh green shades, dusky sunlight, a door painted in light azure...
a landscape painted in soft pastell shades, fresh greens and a handmade house...it was the rainy season...
deep red sand beside the road and a light blue sparkling lake in the early afternoon...dark lilac coloured pothole patchwork on the route..oh dear! the potholes on that road can make a car disappear!
the celadon green colours of the lake Abalak....magical! water is life!
dusky yellow of an upcoming sandstorm on the piste near In-Gall and silver greyish, heavy clouds...camels and goats waiting under acacia trees for the thunderstorm passing by...

may listen here one of my favourite songs of  Koudede, sadly he passed away yesterday because of an tragic accident on a road *paix à son âme* my deepest condolences to his family and friends.

*life is precious*

images: petra hassan


colours & cushions!
 inspired by the colours of wild flowers in the desert...
now online here the latest *desert blossoms* cushions made from handloomed indian silk and vintage, kantha stitched fragments of sari silk :)

images: petra hassan


*wednesday wish*

I wish...I wish...
sitting in the car and going far....wind in the face, messy hair and desert music in the ear....
champagne coloured, sparkling dunes passing by and a few melting clouds in the sky.....what a perfect day! :)

images: petra hassan (Sahara,Algeria)


*sahara snapshots from the road*

prevented from sleep by a heavy cold last night, I tried to start organizing the zillion trillion thousands of images I took since 2005....
and found by accident the forgotten ones, the ones I never had the time to watch before....
I remember I took these ones on a 2011 trip in Algeria, on the road drive back from Tadrart to Djanet and tried to catch every camel who passed by with the camera :)
late afternoon, mysterious and diffuse sunlight, cloudy sky; the sunbleached landscape touched in a magical mood...a flock goats under the acacia tree and a member of a nomad family.

images: petra hassan (Sahara/Algeria)


*camel babies on a pillow*

silence, sahara, fata morgana *sightseeing* and a few baby camels crossed my way....
*new* digital sahara camel baby pillows in neutral colours made from finest cotton & silver *sparkling* linen now available in my online shop, click here :)

images: petra hassan

P.S: read the latest festival au désert news here!


*la fête du chameau*

"we are going to take a garden break and I will take you to something special this morning" he said.....
and he took me to a place outside of town, where you can get a little glimpse of the smell of the Ténéré ....
because he knew that I love camels and of course he know.....colours!
and he knew that I would like to see what the beautiful women are wearing....he knew that I like embroidery.....
and he knew that I would be curious watching a camel walking on knees....
and he knew that I like pretty decorated donkeys...
and he knew that beside all the other things in life there is always space for little *white* camels caravaning in my mind....so one day earlier this year he asked me if I really would like to have one....
I said "yes" and then he asked "what about a flock....?" "eh...ouii (sourire)...on va voir...!" then we left the place and went back to continue working in the garden.... :)

images: petra hassan (Agadez/Niger)

P.S.: please click here and read in french via En Vouature Simone about the dramatic situation in a village near Niamey and here via humedica in german about the floodings. I watched on my way back from Agadez to Niamey some floodings and it seems that the big one just missed me for one day...or two...!


*la jeunesse touareg d'Agadez*

they watched me...I watched back...shy...
then they gave me a smile...probably...behind their tagelmoust (turban) wrap....
then they asked me...."Madame..."! *eh...ouiiii*?
 "Madameeee......photo, photoooo...prendre une photo...!" well, so I did! :)
...and he did, with the sahara cell phone! Then...I thought there is not that much different between them and the other young ones all over the world. Their Idols are Che Guevara, Bob Marley and a spanish football club -and of course- local and sahara desert musicians and well...a former dictator as I found out! They wearing slim fit shirts, tight jeans and fancy accessoires, colour combinations you never have seen before in your life...but there is a difference.....which makes me thinking much and really sad, the fact that most of them never got the chance to go to school!

images: petra hassan (Agadez/Niger)

P.S.: don´t forget to switch on your TV on september 13th, Woodstock in Timbuktu will be on air from 23.15 in the german WDR!


*sahara desert outdoor living*

a simple outdoor living inspiration from the edge of the Ténéré...
a colourful and romantic patio bedroom
the comfortable living room corner
the simple outdoor kitchen
please, take a seat and enjoy
the famous, bittersweet green *tea* of the Sahara desert :-)

images: petra hassan (Agadez/Niger & Djanet/Algeria)