*travelling the desert pretty*

and what to do in the suitcase? I prefer in general travelling with less luggage, means especially less clothes...come with me and take a look what´s in my suitcase, here we go!
first of all the *pretty* essentials! my vintage suzani fabric covered sleeping bag, also good for creating *magic carpet* tracks in the sand, a small moroccan, pure wool *couscous* blanket, a vintage indian running stitched cotton blanket, a colourful cushion, traditional leather sandals, my favourite bag which contains the camera and other small things, the water bottle and an old flour sack from Libya (yes, this one is cool in my point of view) for some clothes, shawls and a few new products. There is always a beautiful place to find in the desert where I do quick product shoots :-)
about the clothes! I do not wear a different clothes style when I am travelling than in Germany. I like to wear layering style all the time, means one pair of pants (simple black leggings, linen trousers or wide indian pants for camel riding), a silk dress, a matching linen dress never leave the house without a *huge* shawl. I love also to wear the traditional *tasghnst* wrap dress in the desert, it makes me feeling super comfortable and as you may know....I love to wrap myself in meters of *pretty* fabric.
being well dressed especially whilest travelling arabic/islamic countries is also a matter of respect and also might prevents from difficult situations. Especially in my sahara trips I was always the only woman, I never had any problems or faced a strange situation, lucky me :-)
and at least, *anella* means henna painting in Tuareg language on my hands and feet :-)

images: petra hassan (second image taken by a friend)

P.S.: of course I own a black, very ugly looking suitcase, too... I do not go for check-in at the airport with all the colourful stuff in my hands....I remember that a long time ago someone complained to me "Petra, even the normal stuff must be pretty for you"...ahem...well..."yes"...I am sorry for that but why not also travelling pretty?

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