you know...usually the pretty *silver* sandals walking with me everywhere I am going....summertime & wintertime, no walk possible without sandals, except we have heavy snow or rain. One day the silver sandals broke in the middle of the sahara, well....the girl continuend walking one more day without sandals and finally runned one more time into *acacia* thorn! yikes!
The girl in urgent need!! for new sandals! As usual I only carry one pair of sandals and one pair of  pretty, sparkling embroidered moroccan babouches with me...I am eyeing since a long time with a pair of traditional Tuareg sandals called *taratimt* oooooooh! prettieness overload!! once I found a pair of vintage sandals in the Marrakech souk, but they had been far to big....probably made once a long time ago for a giant Tuareg who caravaned through the entire sahara and lost his sandals in Marrakech...not made for my *petite* feet...well...finally I found the only one pair in my size in the Djanet souk, lucky me!
I even stepped out of the plane straight into the cold german winter day after arrival back home with *tanba* on my feet....

so..and what happened with the *acacia* thorn in my foot? I usually wear full cover henna painting on my feet, so it was a bit difficult to see where it exactly was located, after 2 days with well...medium pain as I would say...a 1cm thorn appeared! yikes! by the way...after several times in the desert now I got used to run always in a small plant called *cram cram* not more painful than running in acacia, believe me! what is *cram cram* you may ask now? another story for another day.... :-)

images: petra hassan

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