*DIY desert bathroom*

sleeping in the sahara is such a bliss, cozy wrapped by the *indigo* blue velvet night  covered by millions of sparkling stars and I love to watch the changing pastell coloured light after wake up in the early morning, sunrise time. The light is changing from deep indigo blue into cobalt blue and cool lavender shades.....first ray of *silver* sunlight....light lemon yellow, light apricot soft morning light...*magical* morning!
then, a question! Where to find a *pretty* bathroom in the hôtel milles étoiles, please? Here we go!
first of all, find a beautiful place! I use for a simple morning ritual a silver moroccan *hammam bowl*, a small mirror, a bottle of water, toothbrush & paste, a blue towel, a simple moroccan hairbrush and a hint of traditional moroccan *savon beldi*. The soap is also good to mix it with a small amount of desert sand for a quick face peeling :-)
welcome in my DIY desert bathroom!

the magic of  *la vie simple* as I imagine....

images: petra hassan

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