*desert perfume*

bright sunlight, *heat* scintillation in the desert, the *silver* sandals touched pretty structured clay ground....ah...the silver sandals are nearly gone...but this is a story for another day....!
I wore cool cobalt *blue* and bright, shimmering turquoise, perfect for a hot day and travelling in the desert...
and there was a *perfume* in the air....oooooh! a very intensive smell in the heat of the day, oh how much I love this smell.....
the strong, bittersweet smell of a plant called *tizardjli* in tamasheq, the Tuareg language. The herb is simliar to vermouth, a kind of  *sahara* version.I tried to find out more but did not found out the botanical, latin name but may one day I will know. It is used to flavouring green tea and also known as herbal medicine in case of stomach problems. The taste is between I would say sweet sage, thyme and mint with a special note.
Every time I go to the desert, I try to learn as much as possible about the traditional plants, where to find and how to us it...and ask my friends as we say here "holes in the belly" :-) ...may you know, I am addicted to spices and herbs...since I remember!
the herb is simliar to vermouth, probably some kind of *sahara* version, I tried to find out more, I even did not found out the botanical, latin name but may one day. It can be used for preparing aromatic green tea and also known as herbal medicine in case of stomach problems.

In general I never faced in the past (lucky me...!) stomach trouble or anything like this during all my sahara, morocco or middle east travels. I always avoid the restaurants where "tourist dishes" are offered and usually go to places where locals eating or eat fresh, prepared and homemade. In the desert I prefer traditional food like tagella or the latest...I had the pleasure to eat one day in Djanet a dish called *journal* because it is looking like a newspaper -still smiling about the name- ...razor-thin crêpes made from bread doug, moisturized with aromatic, spicy red sauce and served with barbecued goat! uuuuuh! j´adore!

so I picked a *handful* of the wonderful smelling and left....continued with my 4x4 dune driving lessons in the desert :-)
here in germany, every day I open the *magic* glass jar, filled with sundried *tizardjli* and take a deep breath of the desert perfume! by the way, I also brought back home with me several small pieces of acacia wood.....just to burn one from time to time to have acacia fire smell in my home,  oh dear! *je suis un peu fofolle*...! :-)

images: petra hassan (images 2 & 4 taken by a friend)

P.S.: another *very special thanks* to Karsten Marowski, the editor of the german feed magazin, thank you so much again for publishing my latest sahara travel report!


  1. I am smitten... your pictures are lovely. Particularly the new "header" of the blog! And I am particularly interested in your tales from Algeria, where my husband comes from... Hope we will be able to do a trip to the desert, too, one day, inshallah. Greetings! Isabella

  2. oh wow, thank you so much :-) you will love the desert, the south is so beautiful, calm and peaceful, can´t wait to go back...

  3. I love your blue dress, it is like a dream. Your whole blog is like a dream for me.