*hello, good morning desert!*

arrival after sunset the destination, truly the *somewhere in the nowhere*...
one more time the beloved sahara desert had been kissed in the *deepest* lavender purple shades...eye candy!
early in the morning after a night with a giant *full moon* before sunrise I woke up...more *lavender magic* light, watched the moon going down....listened the sound of the passing by camels and their babies....they stopped, came very close to me and watched me...curious! :-)
a moroccan hammam bowl, a silver mirror in the sand....water in my face....simple *desert* bathroom in the uprising morning sun ...*hello, good morning desert*!
strong *black* sugared morning coffee.....*j´aime*!
roasted *tagella* sandbread...not made from sand but baked in hot sand....supersweet *fig* confiture!
then...after a while he arrived, gave me a *smile* oh dear! I felt completely in *love*....with his pretty white eyes and the fluffy fur...no one was in this world in this moment, just he and me....my heart got lost in the *somewhere of the nowhere* to him, to the pretty *white camel* ...then....we took a long morning ride, what a bliss! :-) but the story is going on and became much more funny....stay tuned!

images: petra hassan

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