*kitchen colours and a spicy cabinet*

come with me...and take a look in my *kitchen* :-) so first, here we have the *colours*.....
it is not a secret that I *j´adore* the green, blue(s) and turquoise shades....since I started renovating my home completely again one year ago it turned into living in the colours I really love; the kitchen floor is still original, more than 120ys old cement tiled in matte black and a curry yellow shade...it goes perfect with the jade-turquoise green and white half painted walls and moroccan wall tiles behind the sink.
I still have to refresh the wall paint, my vintage porcelain farmhouse sink is still not installed and I am still *dreaming* about tiling the working top with moroccan, jade green cement tiles....everything step by step....inbetween I organized this summer all my spices in a old, former closet.
I found the old, ivory painted closet when I moved in my home more than 10 years ago in the basement, someone who lived in my home left it there. One day I removed the doors, painted it with pigments in a dark, chinese *red* colour and the interior in a dark *mocca* and used it for my former atelier & shop space. Then I got the idea to use it for my kitchen and customized the inner construction for all my glass jars filled with delicious smelling *spices*... that´s the story how an old closet became a *spicy smelling cabinet* :-)
I usually cook daily fresh and love to use spices from allover the world :-) the wooden shelf I use for organizing & display my dishes, ceramic & porcelain bowls, teapots and teaglasses had been used in the past in a post office here in germany to organize letters :-) I also used different shades of pigments in turquoise, blue and green for the paint.
The picture above shows a vintage basket from China, it is made for carrying carefully the *pretty* turquoise teapot and four matching tea bowls; a small, colourful handpainted leather & wooden box for carrying little teaglasses -handmade by tuareg artisans from the sahara desert- I found it once in the souk of the djanet oasis in Algeria....the drip mat is from Essaouira, Morocco...perfect for serving a *hot* and *spicy* Tajine :-)
well....it still takes plenty of time to finish the kitchen renovating by my own....may I am able to do this until end of the year...if not it doesn´t matter....I am not in a hurry and handmade takes usually a good time ;-)

images: petra hassan


  1. Herrlich schöne Bilder, liebe Petra.
    Vermutlich bist du die Einzige, die privat sooo viele "geheimnissvolle" Gewürze hat und diese auch noch verwendet :-)

    Liebe Grüsse, Anette

  2. your kitchen is like a dream! I love the colours and all the spices and the wonderful dishes

  3. Love love love the colours, the storage and all the spices!!! So inspiring!