*the sound of Tamikrest*

sometimes....I turn on the *music* and listen the sound, the sound of the guitar, the voices and feel the vibe....and dance....
sometimes...it happens and the *sound of the desert* is coming to germany and this happen mainly on very rainy german summerdays....
I found myself  in a place surounded by truly *magic* light...
and a dream came true...first I watched, then I closed my eyes, listened and danced...to the fantastic music of *tamikrest*...oh, what a bliss!
...and....tried to take a few pictures :-) ....they became some kind of *magic*...because of the light, the sound and the vibe!

check out their upcoming fall/winter tour dates on their website, I will go for sure to see and meet them one more time, I am still happy that I had the chance to see their concert in Kassel and had a funny (we spoke probably 5 languages in one time) talk & time with them after :-)

images: petra hassan

P.S.: I am very excited, I will go and see the concert of fantastic tuareg guitarist & singer Bombino from Agadez end of next week!! *happy dance*....come, watch, close your eyes, listen and dance with me!!

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