*a magic night*

the sun went down.....
the colours of the *blue*blue* sky over the medina of Essaouira changed into the pastell shades.....
 then....he switched on the *light*... for the night filled with *music*....magic music!
they played music in the *red*red* light with lyrics about the real life and the sound of  *morocco*...
he sang songs from the bottom of his heart.....
then...they switched on the *green*green* light, they wore pretty embroidery and played the *magic* sound of finest gnaoua music....oh, how much I love this music!
then....he *rocked* the medina of Essaouira in the *blue*blue* light.....
everybody was dancing, a flag had been rised and the seagulls danced in the deep *purple* coloured night sky to the vibe of finest african music!

oh, my beloved Essaouira, what a *magic* night!

pic 3 & 4 Darga from Casablanca
pic 5 Maâlem Abdelkebir Merchane from Marrakech
pic 6 Salif Keita from Mali
all images: Petra Hassan

P.S.: *danke* thanks very much to the feed magazin who published today my writing (in german language) about the gnaoua music festival, too :-) *yay*

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