*gnaoua festival style shots*

I love watching especially in morocco what people wearing and *how*....so here we go, a few *style* shots I took at the gnaoua festival a few weeks ago :-)
*glam* in the medina and well...lots of *hair* :-)
more hair! goat hair decorated *sandals*...made in the desert, air conditioning guaranteed!
I *love* MAM...priceless cute!!! :-)
I truly like what he is wearing...some kind of ancient *sultan* mixed salad moroccan style,  please note the glamourous bracelet made from a string of heavy glassbeads! so cool!
the art of *hair*...
do you *yellow* babouche??
do you *yellow* bag?? :-)
at least...the moroccan *punk* style! :-)

*happy saturday*

images: petra hassan

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