*a night in the museum*

come with me to the *museum* by night! :-)
the *13. Nacht der Museen* organized by the local museums and the City of Hannover will be held this saturday night from 6pm to 1am (18:00 to 1.00) on 18th of june 2011.
find my dear friend Eva and me in the *Landesmuseum* (lower saxony state museum); we will carry the golden & blue ranipink summer bed with us, comfortable cushions and a *blue*blue* magic carpet and offer you do decorate your hand & feet with beautiful, traditional *henna painting* :-)

there will be find also much more *magic* from the oriental countries far away in the Landesmuseum, listen stories from 1001 nights, take a belly dance class, watch pictures from the desert or enjoy hot *mocca* and delicious *tea* or create your own oriental style jewellery....

the entrance fee is € 7,- for adults, children under 14 for free for the entire event in all locations & free bus-shuttle allover the city, so you can visit all the different places and museums in one night :-)


images: petra hassan

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