*acacia green*

the *inspiration*...well....
I found it in the middle of the *desert*...
I watched the colour and structure of *acacia* trees....in the morning, during the day....
and in the evening...I smelled the *perfume* of acacia wood fire....oh., I love it! If I could put this smell in a bottle...I would use it every day for sure! :-)
well...and this is the *inspiration* result :-)
the mysterious colour of the iridescent silk contains all the colours I watched somewhere in the middle of the sahara desert....*magic*
find the *acacia green* dress now in my online-shop!

model: sandra cripps
location: Dar91, Essaouira medina, morocco
desert pictures: tadrart area, algeria
images: petra hassan

P.S.: a very special *thank you* and *mille grazie* again to Sandra & Paolo!


  1. Beautifull!!! wow!!!

    (as always!)

    I want to buy something on your dawande shop but ... if you can help me please Petra!


  2. shukran bzf bzf @SouSou :) how can I help you?