*magic carpet red*

ready for more strong and bright *colours*??
when I watched this silk colour first I just had one thought in my mind....
 this is the only one and true *magic carpet red* :-)
so..it was the time to sew a new dress....the *magic carpet red* dress...for a walk on the red carpet....or a flight on the magic carpe...as you like :-)
now online in my dawanda-shop!

model: sandra cripps
location: dar91, essaouira medina, morocco
images: petra hassan

P.S.: mille grazie again to you, Paolo & thanks so much again to you, San! :-)

1 Kommentar:

  1. Beautifull colors ...

    The green and the pink are very very special together! i wear those color and i like!

    Boussa, Petra!