*earth café marrakech*

one more time I passed by, had dinner & lunch at the...
may do you remember my last october post about the *fresh citrus* colours of the earth cafè in marrakech?
I had not been there since last year december and....*surprise*surprise*!!....I found new colours :-)
how much I love this combination of *raspberry* pink, chalky rosè and the subtile *green* of the pumpkins....
a hint of *fresh* lime green....leaves of a *citrus* tree....
*lemon* citrine sprinkles of colours....
turquoise & saffron yellow cushions and *chili* red walls....can I have the *raspberry* pink door, please?
*silver* green olive tree leaves and soft *yellow* bougainvillea flowers....
and a few, soft pastell shades :-)
I never can leave without having *delicious* vegetarian lunch....
and enjoy the *colour* therapy :-)

earth cafè marrakech
N°2, derb zawak,riad zitoune kdim
marrakech medina, morocco
open 10am - 9pm

images: petra hassan

P.S.: the latest earth cafè news are....visit the *new* earth cafè soup kitchen at N°1 derb nakousse, riad zitoune jdid, marrakech medina, morocco; I had not the time going there but I will go and see next time when I return to morocco :-)

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