*etran finatawa*

come with me....and listen *desert* music! :-)
I am still so happy that I had the chance to see & listen the truly fabulous band *etran finatawa* a few days ago live in concert and I love their music!! When I found out that they play the only one concert in germany this summer near Hannover...well....I nearly felt off the chair....*happy dance*!

The musicians are come from Niger and it is very special that two of the members are tuareg and three members wodaabe nomads; they playing the traditional songs and music mixed with electric guitar in such a refreshing, breathtaking & very cool way, also singing the lyrics in tamasheq, the tuareg language & wodaabe language, their music is more than 100% *ear candy*!

find the music of  *etran finatawa* here...turn on the music....close your eyes...take the magic carpet or the camel as you prefer....and you will find yourself in the middle of the desert again for sure....*ear vacation*...

I was really excited but after some minutes beeing shy I had the chance to speak to the two tuareg members of the band after the concert...well....my french language speaking is still like a *grande salade mixte* so I tried to remember all the words *tamasheq* I ever learned.....it worked :-) they also brought precious artwork from Niger and sold it after the concert....pretty silver jewellry and fine leather products....I bought two beautiful handmade tassels from them...what a bliss!

are you in the mood for more desert music? The fantastic bands Tamikrest, Kel Assouf and Tinariwen are playing this summer allover europe and also in germany, check out their websites for the concert dates! You can also find all of them in facebook :-)

*happy music listening*

image: petra hassan

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