woke up again this morning around 5....watched a little bird collecting wool I hanged up for drying outside....there had been a serious moff attack in a basket with my moroccan wool. I am officially in war now with these little flying, silk & wool eating insects....by the way..the colour of them is pretty....pretty light *silver*...! :-)

So I washed the wool a few days ago and it looks like that they are gone...the wool is still outside and *lucky* little birds use it for creating nests :-) it makes me smiling!
In case I am listening one morning birds tweeting in moroccan language....the *wool therapy* worked well.....thoughts I had in my mind on this very early sunday morning....!
I also had my first *morocco* visit years ago in my mind, watched little sparrows collecting wool from the heavy, handloomed curtains in my friend´s hotel in Essaouira :-)
I will go back for work to morocco in a few weeks......can´t wait to be back again in my beloved *Essaouira*....
well...I will not doing much today, still feeling a bit tired & exhausted, had been sick since thursday so it is better to start everything slowly...*choya b´choya*....as the moroccans saying...

*happy sunday* :-)

images: petra hassan

P.S.:  I am thankful for every little sign & message I received the past weeks from libyan friends, so glad that they are still fine but noticed the change in the voices...


  1. It´s good that you focus your thoughts on thoughts of well-being: Always worrying does not make things better. If you practise good thoughts and good things you might even find better solutions for any problem that makes you worry.

    Dearest greetings from Cologne

  2. so true :-) life is too short to get lost in sadness...I prefer getting lost in colours and from time to time in the desert :-D

  3. I look forward to more colourful images from you