*desert kitchen*

may you are asking how my friends managed the *kitchen* in the desert? here we go....:-)
in case there is no wood for fire to find we had a gas bottle with us....
eggs are carried in a simple & cool looking package... :-)
because....because the *girl* wished one day to have a simple *omelette* for lunch...
washing the dishes....*sahara* style!
kitchen equipment should be always placed on *pretty* rock kitchen interior....where can I please order this kitchen furniture exactly in this design for my home??
fresh ingredients straight from the *djanet souk* for picnic :-)
*tagella* bread preparing....
and how to spice up the chicken if there is no mortar & pestle to find in the desert? take 1 empty plastic water bottle, garlic, salt, grounded cumin and a hint of *olive oil* fill it in the bottle and *smash* it well against the *rocks* ....
and here we have the *desert* barbecue :-)
 the super delicious result....*yummy*
finally one day...I found 2 teapots who probably felt in *love* with each other....me, still smiling :-)

my friends are great in cooking and I enjoyed every single breakfast, lunch and dinner 3 weeks every day so much!! *tanemert hullan* means thank you very much in tuareg language :-)

*happy sahara cooking*

P.S.: my january trip to the desert in algeria was perfect organized by Mohammed Hassani, visit his website desertconvoy for more informations in case you wish to spend a relaxing time in the *sahara* :-)

images: petra hassan

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