*summertime sunday*

last night...well...the neighbours downstairs celebrated a party again, the second night in a row...under my bedroom *ahem*... the white wooden floor danced under my feets...tried to watch a report about the *namib desert* last night...red dunes and pretty looking *bugs* are the last I remember before I felt asleep with heavy bass and big beats in my ears....
I enjoy the *silence* of the late sunday morning, the time moved one hour forward last night...as usual the scent of fresh brewed *cardamom* mocca in my home...Mr. X the cat went after cat breakfast back to a cozy place, purring and watching me...sleepy :-) sometimes I wish I could be a cat....sleeping, eating, hunting and playing...
now I will continue working...first in the garden, then taking pictures and probably sewing and doing some more work in my home....did I mentioned that some windows of the *party * people are in the front of the garden?? I am sorry but there is no possibility to do garden work in the night.....!

the home & life is still under *construction*.....step by step....and....

one more time *silent* sunday.....!

images: petra hassan

P.S.: the libyan friends are every day in my mind, it is good to hear from a few once a week....and there is a special family connection in the middle east, especially two great women, they are like two queens...two sisters who treat me always like a daughter....they are still in my mind...every day, too..!

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