*magic carpet tracks*

...and how I got this idea in my mind  :-)
one morning I woke up and found next to me *pretty* patterns in the sand....a smile on my face & the inspiration in my brain started working....*ahem* cooking like a big pott of hot *couscous*....steaming....
the story before is...I received a new sleeping bag after christmas and well...sleeping bag covers are not known for looking pretty...even in my home the sleeping bag was looking like it came from another earth....
the last few hours before I left direction airport I found in my atelier a pretty embroidered piece of vintage suzani fabric from Uzbekistan....and got the idea of sewing a sleeping bag cover from it...a *pretty* one! :-)
I imagined how would it look like when a *magic carpet* is landing in the desert in the night? There must be to find tracks in the sand the next morning.....like from all the animals who crossing or passing by in the night....
a bird passed by in the night....and a *magic carpet*.... :-)

P.S.: I was not in the mood for writing about pretty adventures or colours the past week....sometimes I did not knew what to think....life is going on and on....but I had and have many times in my mind that all the money of this world is it not worth to loose beloved ones like countless people going through this right now in Libya & Japan....too much is all about the money right now in this world....only about profit & money....and more and more people playing games because of this! *dislike*!!

anyway....*happy monday* :-)

images: mohammed hassani & petra hassan

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