so... where to start first?
I took this picture last weekend very early in the morning at the algiers airport on my way back home. My eyes spotted some time earlier the light mint blueish colour and the pretty cool *nomade* sign when I checked in for my connecting flight direction *heart* of the desert....it was my 3rd flight *yikes* on that day and honestly I felt totally exhausted after running to my connecting flight in Paris CDG, after I found out that air france was not able to carry my lugagge with me in the plane...find out how to get my suitcase back & waiting for hours for the next flight from Paris who brought my suitcase finally to algiers....and the fact that I found myself in a country where I never had been before....!

when I checked in for my flight the very kind man at the counter told me that my connection flight would be may delayed more than 3 hours.....I told him in arabic that "it doesn´t matter....I am now in africa..."! ...and he smiled :-)

after several security checks again & more than 10 hours waiting for my connecting flight to the *djanet oasis* I arrived save in the middle of the sahara....later my friends there told me that the airline called also *air mazal*...means airline "not now"....for the reason that many of the flights are usually delayed....I am still smiling about this :-)

first of all a big thanks *tanemert hullan* in the language of the Ttuareg to Mohammed and his great team for organizing everything, taking care and making me feeling comfortable at any time during my stay in the desert!

I organized the past few days the first 2200 pictures and there are still a few hundreds left....so....there are many stories to tell the next weeks :-)

stay tuned!

image: petra hassan


  1. wie schön, wieder von dir zu lesen:)! Bin schon sehr gespannt auf deine Bilder und Erzählungen! Du kannst arabisch?! Wow....
    lieben Gruss

  2. @Susanne :-) ja sagen wir mal so, ich kann mittlerweile ganz gut "gebrochen" arabisch & marokkanisch arabisch sprechen, zumindest komm´ ich alleine damit immer ganz gut durch :-)