means *fire* in tamasheq, the Tuareg language.....making a good fire is an essential need whilest travelling in the desert. Wherever we found dry *acacia* wood we collected it, prepared lunch in the day, bittersweet and foamy *chahi* and dinner in the evening :-) oh, how much I love the smell of the fire...!
one night I felt asleep next to the fireplace and do not ask what happened to me....I read some years ago in a book why the people in the desert never sleeping next to the fire....but I forgot! I wrapped myself in my sleeping bag and under my cozy, moroccan *hot wool* blanket...and after a time I started dreaming....voices and the sound of people walking passing by and walking around me...like some kind of dance...and I watched colourful fabrics...o.k. this was might be the nice part of the dream...!
Someone stepped next to my sleeping bag, my hands touched *sneakers*...wondering... no one of my friends wore this kind of shoes....the sound of the voices turned into a terrible, scary noise and someone tried to open my sleeping bag but I couldn´t  move....then I tried to say *hilfe* means help in german language, my german voice wasn´t working...then I started screaming *help*help*help*...good, the english voice worked.....then one of my friends made me wake up, talked carefully to me that I am save and nothing happened, moved me away from the fireplace....and I felt asleep again.....
the next morning I woke up totally confused and felt like overrunned by a tank....asked myself what happened to me? My friends told me what happened and why I never again should falling asleep next to the fireplace.....it was a matter of  *djinn* evil genies....then I also remembered about what I read in the book years ago....!

*good night* :-)

images: petra hassan

P.S.: take a look and read my friend Maryam´s blog MyMarrakesh she mentioned something about fireplaces, too...!

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  1. What an inspirating post!

    As I wanted to find out more about Djinns I read about almost one whole hour about these fantastic "ghosts". Very very very interesting!

    Greetings from the cold and rainy Cologne