or how I tried to wear a traditional dress in the desert....
one day I found myself next to an elephant....
wrapped in layers of bright *grapefruit* pink cotton voile...oh, what a colour!
surounded by pretty tie dyed patterns...
under the *hot* sahara sun :-)

a few years ago I discovered first at my friend Mustapha´s shop in morocco these pretty dyed fabrics and started to collect & use it for shawls and curtains first until I finally found -after years- out how to wear it.

*tasghnast* is the word for this dress in tamashek, the tuareg language also known as *mlhafa* or *mlhefa* in the language who is spoken in the western sahara.

well...I spend a good time to fight with the meters of cotton around me and still need practice, too...but I *love* to wear it! :-)

images: mohammed hassani

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