*sunday morning*

well...this sunday.....I talked last night on the phone for a few minutes to a friend in Libya who plan to visit me, soon...after we finished talking I realized that there must be so much more confusion there than we can imagine. It seems that it is still quiet where he is living in the south but he also told me everything is calm in the north and this words showed me that there is no access to real/true informations......and all of us know why...!
I also sent several sms to all my friends who living there but no one replied until now....after I watched last night for about more than one hour the twitter timeline I really did not know what to think, say or do anymore....it is truly shocking and horrible!

I drawed this heart earlier a few weeks ago one morning in the sand of a high dune in tadrart area/algeria....for all of you!

well....today I will continue organizing parts of my home, working on new *ranipink* products for summer and may updating my website....wish you all a relaxing and may creative *sunday*! :-)

image: petra hassan

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