*happy sunday evening*

well...I am a little late today posting *happy sunday*...;-)
I woke up this morning listening noise coming from outside the balcony and saw Mr. X the cat watching in a kind of  *very exciting but totally careful* way half hidden behind some moroccan vintage cushions what´s going on outside....after a while I also moved very slowly and took also a look...and what I saw made me laughing...very much!....a supercute & pretty *squirrel* attacked my 2 of my bamboo umbrellas and my greek vintage wool blanket.....ahem...I´ve never seen a squirrel attacking a blanket before!!

When I came back from the desert I was wondering that a little oak growed in my potted *arancia bizarra*...it looks like that the squirrel keep winter food in all my potted plants :-) to avoid that he/she get probably much more angry with me and start war with my vintage *kilim* carpet outside... the squirrel will find from tonight *walnuts* and so outside...and...of course served in a pretty moroccan ceramic bowl! :-)

by the way...I am feeling still totally overwhelmed, flattered and something else like this for the reason that feed magazin published yesterday the travel report I wrote for them... *happy dance* and a big thanks again to the editor, Karsten Marowski :-)
by another way....exactly today 5 years ago we had the same weather like today -greyish and rainy february day- I opened in the morning the first day without any promotion in advance my atelier, got the first clients on that day, had the idea in my mind what I want to do but never expected where I am going with my work. I started with 3 different pieces of clothes...very simple ones and seriously told the first clients "this is what I can do for now"...

Today, 5 years later everything changed completely...first my life changed into *never expected* but I moved a giant step forward, went to the sahara, found the silence and something I searched for the past 1,5 years in the most confusing time of my life...I found myself again! :-)

Within the past 5 years also my work changed more than expected. I found out that I definitely want spend much more time than before with hand embroidery work, dyeing and working in special products which need a good time to create it. My home and a part of my working space is still *under construction* and inbetween I am working on new *summer* products, countless new ideas, bridal gowns and clients orders...so I am really packed for the next weeks, no months with tons of work again and it doesn´t matter that the life is still changing...stay tuned! :-)

by the way again....*happy* sunday evening!

P.S.: there are still many *desert* stories to tell and write about...*pretty* pictures to show, I´ll continue writing about every week :-)

images: petra hassan & mohammed hassani

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