*the favourite dress*

well...I will go back to the past about the story of my *favourite dress*....
the idea came into my mind last year.....I wished to have pictures with exactly this dress last summer in morocco...but sometimes everything is not working like expected...so I sat in front of my friend Mustapha´s shop in a medina alley in Essaouira, accompanied by my canadian friend Krista during the gnaoua music festival in june, was fighting with the sewing machine and tried to finish this and several other dresses. I imagined having pictures with a traditional moroccan hat, my hairs in braids and the bright *cobalt* blue dress... on the second day I finished the *cobalt* blue dress (I carried all the cutted fabrics including for clients orders with me...) washed it to soften the silk in the bathroom of the hotel tafraout...and then there was no time left to take pictures....because it was the time of the gnaoua music festival in Essaouira...

when I had been in the desert a few weeks ago there was no reason not to wear my favourite dress....comfortable and airy...the weather was not so hot...but warm....and I was all the time well dressed...you know...I do not like wearing 25 zipper and 50 pocket safari pants....could you imagine me in something like this?? me...never!!
on this day...oh it was a beautiful *desert* day....we crossed the red sand in the tadrart area and I found myself  inbetween truly stunning *pink* and *rosewood* rocks....mother nature really did a great job with this colours and shapes! and also one of my tuareg friends, Mohammed did a great job when he took the pictures for me :-)
the *favourite dress* is now available in my online shop at dawanda in bright *cobalt* blue & mysterious *black* in any size you want to make me this for you :-)

P.S.: I got in touch with one of my libyan friends this morning, thanks god that it is still quiet in the south where all of them living and they are fine! I wish for all libyans that this nightmare ends better today than tomorrow!

images: mohammed hassani


  1. I remember how hard you worked to find a sewing machine that could sew this dress for you! Despite the challenges, it was so peaceful sitting in that little alley and meeting your friends as they came and went from Mustapha's shop, and you sewed. That was a special memory! I am glad you got to have your photo taken in it, finally - and SUCH a beautiful setting:)

  2. Anonym25.3.13

    You Blue Dress is amazingly beautiful, it turns me on so much :)