*camel riding lessons*

one day the morning started with ice cold air, blue *blue* sky and sun...
a pretty decorated *camel* saddle...ah these colours!!
3 fluffy camels...I really love the camels, I do....
and I found on the back of the camel *yay* and felt completely happy the entire day like a little *princess* :-)
Mokhtar spent the entire day teaching me how to get used with the camels and how to become may one day a good camel riding girl....inbetween we had a simple *salad* lunch and bittersweet *chahi*...
one day....I wish to ride like these men I spotted a few days later, my friends told me that they may practice for a camel race, until I am able to ride like them I need lots of practice, but the first step is successfully done!

*tanemert hullan* to Mokhtar who teached me and will continue when I am may coming back one day :-)

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  1. wow...da hast du dir ja einen Traum erfüllt! Und was für wunderschöne Bilder! Kann mich garnicht dran sattsehen:). Ist bestimmt nicht so einfach auf dem Kamel zu sitzen, stelle mir das ziemlich schwankend vor?!
    lieben Gruss