*day 1*

and a little *wishlist*....
I wish...to learn proper french language, definitely should learn and find out how I can manage to speak this language, there are so much french words *pretty*...I love the writing of this language, I understand the sense of written words but ...speaking..this is another story...I always thinking in arabic & english words when someone try to teach me how to speak...crazy girl, me... :-)
I wish...to *get lost* in the sahara for a while and listening the desert *blue(s)*....watching the endless sky....drinking *bittersweet* desert tea....3 glasses....each time...caravaning with the camels....
I wish...to find a *new* friend for Mr. X the cat....I do not want to see him lonely anymore...he is still missing Sir John, the cat...I want to make my cat *happy*! :-)
I wish...a *simple* life in full colour....and *bright* colours, please! :-)
I wish...to explore many more times the textile & artwork of the *desert* countries....
I wish...to wear *blue* every day, henna on my hands and...the last wish is my *secret*...!

*welcome 2011* :-)

images: Petra Hassan, last image Hassan Krifa for ranipink


  1. happy 2011. may all your wishes come true this year!

  2. Anonym1.1.11

    i love the last picture.

  3. happy new year! I hope you find a new cat friend. I will never forget Sir John, he has a place in my and Nimbus heart for ever. I have also tried to learn french, I could learn the words but I could not speak them :D