*62 hours*

had been away for 62 hours work in *morocco*...
finally a woman took yesterday my black suitcase at the frankfurt airport instead of her green one...because of that missed my train back home! The superkind shuttle bus driver took me to her home but she wasn´t there and he took me back to the train station. After several times trying to find out her telephone number I called the police today and they found my suitcase in her home & I was able talking to her and told her that she have to sent it to me today via express....don´t ask how I still feel...the suitcase is still not here and the tracking number she gave me is not working...usually I would not freak out in this situation but it contains stuff for my work I really need right now...can I get my suitcase back, please? :-(

image: petra hassan

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  1. Hallo liebe Petra:),

    das hört sich ja nicht so doll an, mit deinem Koffer. Hoffe, dass du ihn ganz schnell wieder bekommst!!! Drücke dir die Daumen ganz fest!

    wünsch dir noch eine glitzernde Weihnachtszeit und viel Spass am nächsten Wochenende, was würd ich da gerne mal vorbeischauen, meine Tochter ist in der Nähe und ich hab ihr schon davon erzählt;).
    Schick dir liebe Grüße