*1001 thank you*

the past year...well...sometimes I even don´t want think about it and told my self all the time: "o.k, this is the life...and the life is going on"...and when I thought I was over all...the next worst case knocked on my door...sometimes I wished to run away and disappear...I will always keep the faith and thanks god that he is holding his hands above me, at any time :-)
a very special thanks to my entire family, Eva, Charlotte, Hannah, Thao,Regina, Krista, Danica, Felicitas, Maryam, Mustapha, Ahmed, Sandra, Sharon & Steve, Lokmane, all my friends who living in the sahara desert, my friends who living allover the world, my co-workers at H&M,  my local & online clients and all of you, my dearest blog readers! Thank you so, so much to all of you for your support, written words, spoken words, love and being with me in 2010!

written with *love* from the bottom of my heart to all of you and *happy new year* :-)

image: Hassan Krifa for ranipink


  1. Wonderful image! I just love it. Thank you for your wonderful blog, I just can dream away everytime when I am visiting. I am sorry to hear that it has been a hard year, I hope all the things will be fine. I wish you the best new year. I am so glad I found you blog. You give me so much inspiration with the magic carpet, magic cats and the magic colours. Hugs

  2. oh wow @Elisa, thank you so, so much again for every single comment on my blog, I am really happy! I wish you and your family a *happy new year*...yes and your blog is taking me also always far away to another *magic* world... :-)

  3. We love you, Petra!!! Here's wishing you a much easier and harmonious 2011!!! And looking forward to being a part of that:-)