*sunday jam session*

and the first results for today....
take a few colourful *pink* grapefruit...
add some sugar, cook it & stir well...
et voilà! homemade *(rani)pink* grapefruit jam...orange blossom water for the *oriental* taste :-)

images: petra hassan


  1. Looks wonderful, Petra - I think the orange blossom water would add the perfect sweetness to the sourness of the pink grapefruit. What a lovely-looking jam. You are a talented girl - you can sew, paint, cook . . . Sounds like you got a lot done today - wish you could have sent some of your energy over to Canada for me. I spent most of the day trying to avoid my work. I think the key for me will be to find out what I love doing, and what makes me happy, the way you have. Then putting in time on my work or projects will feel like a pleasure. Thanks for sharing your projects with us!

  2. Miam ! i love jam mmmmm

    See you inchAllah

    Are you encore in Morocco?