*hot wool*

it is getting cold....we had the first time this winter a *hint* of snow last night, time for cozy wool... 
I love the words *soof skhoun* it means *hot wool* in moroccan language...
handloomed *wool* used as the traditional *haik*, a very elegant looking, wraparound dress worn by berber women in morocco...sometimes I would like to wear this, too...
or wrap myself completely all day long in this *pretty* couscous wool, usually used for heavy *hot wool djellabas* in morocco for the wintertime, the texture is looking like little couscous grains :-)
I collected the past few years several pieces, the simple design, the texture of handloomed wool goes perfect with indian vintage brocade and handloomed, rustic vintage linen.

let´s make it *cozy* :-)

images: petra hassan


  1. Oh my father in law has a djellaba in this wool ... couscous loooool