*sunday morning*

I always enjoy this time...the life is running much more slowly on a sunday morning in germany... colourful maple tree leave *swirl* around my home...woke up this morning and listened the sound of a *seagull*...wondering where I am....finished working this morning at 3 and felt asleep whilest the TV was still running...Mr. X. the cat poked me in my face....wanted to open the door for him going out playing in the *autumn storm* hunting leaves.....
I close my eyes....the sound of the *seagull* is still in my mind....this picture, too....blue and *white* sky...sun on my skin....salt in my nose....seagull in my ears...

with a *smile* on my face I am continue working today on a few clients orders & new products :-)

*happy sunday*

image: petra hassan

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  1. The old stone against the beautiful blue sky is evocative. And a contrast against the grey cool of the November (almost) north German sky.

    This was the time in Germany (when it was not raining) that I liked to bundle up and walk on the Elbe outside of Hamburg - on the dikes. And then go inside on a Sunday afternoon and have an Ostfriesiche Tee.

    Happy sunday to you my friend.