*happy sunday*

and a few shoots of *fishermen* art I found in the port of the...
gnaoua city of *Essaouira* :-)
fishnets drying in the sun...the colours going perfect with my silver sandals and *dark red* nail polish ;-)
the moroccan way of recycling *art*:-)
fishing is only permitted with *pretty* coloured fishnets....
and pretty *turqouise* and *blue*blue* painted boats :-)
fisherman *design* bike....ah....with a very comfortable sheep fur saddle *yalla*yalla*..let´s take a ride!
more *pretty* fishnets...a hint of *clementine* and *turquoise* goes perfect with the faded colours...
and dinner in the *port* will be served on sewing machine tables inbetween the *blue* colours!

*happy sunday* :-)

images: petra hassan

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  1. Thank you again for sharing all this wonderful images. I can dream away for a while again