*Essaouira cat family*

the cats are still there...
and the cat family is growing and growing....Munem, one of my friends welcomed me with the words "Petraaaaa, we have a new collection of cats"....I am still smiling about the words...
and here it is...the new cat *collection* :-) the lovely tabby red cat mother got 4 new kitten...with *blue*blue* eyes...all of them still spent time in the box but the last day I was there they tried to get out the first time ;-)
my friend Mustapha is going every day to the port buying fresh fish for the cats...cooking the fish on a gas stove and feed all of them...I think the cats are the healthiest allover Essaouira ;-) it is so sweet to see how all my friends, most of them really tough moroccans...playing with the little kitten and taking care of them...
what a nice *cat* life....playing...
and hanging around inbetween Mustapha´s colourful *magic carpets* ...may the cats are *magic* cats, too....who knows... ;-)

images: petra hassan


  1. What beautiful cats! wow!!


  2. Wonderful! I can see that the cats are magic

  3. Das dritte Bild von oben ist einfach grandios! Das solltest du irgendwo einschicken :D