*blue(s) afternoon*

it was on a sunday....spray rain in the morning over the *blue* and white city of Essaouira....but....after the rain comes always the sun :-)
and we found the *blue(s)* in the silver souk....
the shimmering teal *turquoise(s)* in the medina alleys.....
what a lovely sunday afternoon we had, my friend Sandra and me....in the medina of  Essaouira, without rain
and...there had been the eyes...in front of *blue* doors...moroccan eyes followed us...wherever we went...whatever we had done.... ;-)

new products in *fresh* colours now online in my dawanda shop :-)

model: sandra cripps
images: petra hassan


  1. Beautifull as always !

    I'm happy to "see" you Petra...

    See you soonnnn inchAllah!


  2. @SouSou :-) I still have some sfifa for you but had so much work before I went to maroc....will e-mail you within the next few days :-) *boussa*

  3. Ohhh thank you sooo much for you attention (? ohlala my english lool)

    See you soon inchAllah Petra!

    Good work!

    Boussa kbiiira hihi