*sunday cooking*

so...in general I *love* cooking but I was not allowed spending much time with it in the past time....
a quick visit yesterday at my favourite, local turkish supermarket and I found colours...*yellow* plums in THIS stunning colours jumped straight in my eyes!!! :-)
 goat *cheese*, cracked pepper & green, green rosemary crossed my way in my kitchen....sweet *atlantic seabreeze* flavoured honey from the azore islands...
ooh I love the taste of this honey my friend Charlotte brought for me from her travels...:-)
 so I wrapped the cheese & plums carefully...
in layers of thin, oriental style flake paste...
some kind of very simple *samosa* style... 
a few chopped vegetables....roasted, light soy sauce flavoured...
*voilà*...here it is...warm, roasted vegetable salad, a poached egg and flake paste filled with rosemary & honey flavoured melted goat cheese & sour yellow plums :-)
the sweet *shallot & honey* caramelized balsamic shallot sauce goes perfect with the rustic taste of the vegetables, the salty goat cheese & the sour plums :-)

what a bliss!

*happy sunday* :-)

images: petra hassan


  1. Ohlalalaaaa miamiiiiiii!!!!

    I have hungry now!!!

  2. Yeah, Petra, this post was amazing! Such great combinations of flavors, like the goat cheese and rosemary and plum. Do you create these recipes yourself? They are wonderful!